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They're here!

By  Richard Paul 2022

'They're here!' is from a series of hybrid painting/3D lenticular objects. These attempt to make manifest the palimpsest of contemporary experience: the physical world of building sites, hoardings, defaced advertising images and slogans, tagging and municipal ‘painting out’ of graffiti; and in the virtual world where the flow of images and information is easily accessible and, at times - particular recently - overwhelming. 

I begin the piece by making a painting on panel. A section of this is photographed and provides a background for the 3D lenticular print. I add layers of drawings, smartphone pictures, diagrams and geometric forms. The photographed area of the painting is reproduced exactly 1:1on the lenticular screen, and when the screen is lined up and glued to the wood panel, it appears transparent, with images, words and colour receding and projecting from the flat surface of the painting. The effect, as reflected in title of one of the paintings, is spectral, a subtle shifting in time and space.

R P Richard Paul


The Delft Tattooists


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