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transformation: series VI

By  Hyosook Lee 2019
When I’ve finished this work, the main idea remained in my mind is vulnerability of things, despited of its color. Since its transparency and thinness, during each working process, each paper stripes have easily be torn, even though they were successfully and closely related through sewing by hands. Then they had to be thrown away without any hesitation and a new working process had to be started using a new paper stripe. Only when these processes have been completed, next process can be continued. Therefore each element in each process should be closed related and then the latter part could also be continuously related with the former part. Looking back these processes, I’ve thought about the vulnerability of human beings. Relating to this thought, I could often experience it through my readings, e.g. Jean Vanier. During my life time, it can also be encountered through human relationships, when its relationship is closer and closer depending upon time.
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