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Transforming Abundance at Primary

In the November 2022 as part of Nourishment: a cyclical programme Sean Roy Parker lead four practical workshop for those already working in community kitchens and gardens within the Radford area of Nottingham and wider city to explore the art of fermentation. We worked with surplus bulk fruit and vegetables to make large batches of fermented, pickled and preserved food that were distributed back out to local people and food projects.

Over the sessions we dealt with breaking down surpluses without waste, improving shared knowledge of diet diversification and digestion, and explored creative interpretations of ancient techniques using culturally-appropriate ingredients. We met with masterchef microbes, feasted with wild yeasts, and found new flavours with fungi, building towards a community day where we jared, discuss and shared our creations.

Alongside the practical aspects, Sean Roy discussed low-carbon cooking, instigated ways to organise in community kitchens, and reached for a deeper collective understanding of food justice. How can we fix our broken food system and what will our fair society look like?

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Man of Kent at Piccalilli Gallery

The Beans at Two Queens

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