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By  Jake Francis 2023
Lazily pulling from the visual cues of Hirst's spot paintings, Twist (2023) attempts to encapsulate the folly of postmodern notions in value and taste. Greedily collected for bathrooms and hallways from Chelsea to York, Hirst's spot paintings represent the very degradation of meaningful expression, prioritising the wrong kind of irreverent in small talk and debating which premium framer to consult for one's latest acquisition. Inviting individuals to literally play on it's enlarged and wipe-cleanable surface, Twist (2023) attempts to bring hands, feet, and effort / interaction back into the conversation - an awkward dance of contortion and bloodied noses / bumped elbows. As seen on display in 'Uncovered Collective: Derelict' - Safehouse, Peckham London. November 25th - 26th

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