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Untitled [St Mary's Works]

By  Kirstin Leigh 2016
Taking influence from Eugene E. Levitt's 'The Psychology of Anxiety' (1967), the sound work uses the format of a questionnaire that cannot be answered, with assumptions made and misinterpreted conclusions drawn. As opposed to the self-help nature of Levitt's book, the work helps no-one - the questions are asked of nobody, and lead to nowhere. The trolley carrying the sound around the disused shoe factory had once belonged to a Puppet theatre, and presents a jarring obstacle in the centre of the space with no obvious signs of where the sound is coming from. The jagged roll of the wheels, carved-up wooden shelves and (meat)hook that hang from the device push the listener further into the uncomfortable anxiety. Work shown as part of the Sainsbury's Centre Graduate Residency programme at St Mary's Works, Norwich.
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