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Verge 2

By  Liz Clifford 2024

145 cm x 100 cm footprint 136 cm high plus wall hung component

This work forms part of the installation, Verge, which explores imagined new life emerging from the detritus of the roadside. The empty A frame is entwined with fencing wire and agricultural netting. The pillowcase sandbags bulge with potential. Floral tributes, reminiscent of those glimpsed fleetingly on our major roads, are made from plastic waste found in country lanes. The work is accompanied by a soundscape of field recordings which contextualises the provenance of the materials.

prettier-ignore-start Zfexf7e8beajg61lyjojq prettier-ignore-end Liz Clifford


Embedded No. 4

Oil Spill on Chalk Hill. No.2

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