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Wallhangings in a series of four in the atrium of the Mater Hospital, Belfast

Ruth Clark

each 600cm x 100cm

Courtesy of
The National Lottery

Situated in the atrium, the four wall hangings incorporate imagery that reflects the historical significance of the linen weaving industry in Belfast. Elements used in the production of linen-bobbins, cams, tappet wheels, jacquard cards, shafts, reed hooks, weave plans and flax are greatly magnified and combined in a series of subtle, abstracted layers. The dress shape in both a positive and negative graphic format, makes reference to the largely female workforce of the industry. The strong vertical axis is enhanced by the implication of tree forms through the use of large scale tree shadows (photographed on washing in the garden). These abstract elements aim to create compositions that have both a dream like quality and a sense of familiarity in their suggested domestic environment.
prettier-ignore-start Zjwhoon6fecfmwzvdovrpa prettier-ignore-end Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor

'The Shape of Things' - Map

'They Met Once'

'Cam Grid 1'

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