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Your passport is not your identity

By  Helen Snell 2021
Preview stills for interactive prototypes. Collaboration with Dr Laszlo Horvath, Research Fellow at Exeter Q-Step Centre, University of Exeter as part of year long residency and research project. The collaborative work has been selected by the Science Gallery Detroit to develop further as an App for their upcoming exhibition "Tracked and Traced" later this year. The overarching residency is part of a national research project ‘Identity, Inequality and the Media in Brexit-Covid19 Britain’ funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of UK Research and Innovation’s rapid response to Brexit and Covid-19.
prettier-ignore-start Helen snell liferaft goggles 155995 prettier-ignore-end Helen Snell

Neogeographies Photoshoot, July 2019, the Blue Parlour at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum Whitby.

Red Amber Green Britain, University of Exeter.

Burnt Out, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

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