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Regrowth, 2023 by Cliff Crawford

Highlights: 20 - 26 May, 2024

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Iain Andrews, Liz West, Heather Eastes and Cliff Crawford


Unfaege, 2024

Iain Andrews

Unfaege, 2024 by Iain Andrews


acrylic on board



Her Warm Reflection , 2023

Liz West

Her Warm Reflection, 2023 by Liz West


Her Warm Reflection!creates a conversation between the viewer and the setting using 120 mirrors made of coloured acrylic. The work is comprised of discs with diameters of 30, 40, 50 and 60cm in 8 colours which are set at different heights so that they reflect both the structure of the space and the people who inhabit it, revealing parts of the architecture that would otherwise be invisible, and project warm and rich colours up into the interior. It is playful, elegant, engaging and thoughtful. There is an element of performance to this work; it puts the audience to the fore, demanding a response; physically, emotionally, psychologically or even spiritually. Viewers each have their own perspectives and their own experiences tempered by movement through the space and through time.

Dimensions Variable


Mother, Daughter and the Unknown, 2024

Heather Eastes

Mother, Daughter and the Unknown, 2024 by Heather Eastes


In another time  on a shore. A mother reaches for an unseen small child. The adolescent daughter  stares ahead  with anxiety, watched by a shoreline gull. Before the scene is the pale head of the Unknown, who became an icon  - the drowned beauty discovered in the Seine. 

20 x 20cm


Regenerate Exhibition 23 March -21 July 2024

Cliff Crawford

Regrowth 2023 by Cliff Crawford


Three pieces of work were chosen for Regenerate: an Open Call where Blue Monkey Network members were asked to submit works made primarily with repurposed paper or cards;  the materials originally had a different purpose.
Now showing online 23 March - 23 July 2024
Then at VOLT Gallery, Seaside Road, Eastbourne, 13 - 21 July 2024





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