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Compact, 2024 by Holly Rowan Hesson

Weekly Highlights: 25-31 March, 2024


New Art Highlights of the week includes: Lewis Prosser, Holly Rowan Hesson, Joanna Mowbray and Graham Hembrough


Agora, The Gathering Ceremony, 2023

Lewis Prosser

Agora, The Gathering Ceremony, 2023 by Lewis Prosser


Responding to the writing of Ursula LeGuin, this performance work combines ceremonial scores, woven vessels, and costume to explore acts of gathering as a means of connecting, preserving, and celebrating the world around us.

The Gathering ceremony took place on residency at Bryn Celli Ddu, Ynys Mon.

This work was part of the Agora project which highlights artists from across Wales whose work responds to themes of heritage, ritual and the land. An innovative approach which celebrates tradition in a contemporary Wales.

Supported by: Arts Council Wales, Cadw, TactileBOSCH, Galeri Caernarfon, The Turner House

Images: Pete Evans


Compact, 2024

Holly Rowan Hesson

Compact, 2024 by Holly Rowan Hesson


Compact, 2024, found OHPs, photographs on acetate, coloured filter strips, dimensions variable


My Two Copper Pots, 2023 - 2024

Joanna Mowbray

My Two Copper Pots, 2023 - 2024 by Joanna Mowbray


‘My two copper pots’

This small sculpture comprises of two soldered forms constructed from 0.5 copper sheet. The whole work depends on the relationship between the forms, how closely they are positioned, the angle of the forms and the space in between. Natural light, changing throughout the day, creates shadows and reflections of the copper from one side to the other. The top part of the forms is delineated by copper strip sections in contrast with the sides, space can be seen through and beyond and the other space is hidden. How the curved shaped sides of the sculpture touch the ground/base imply a sense of suspended movement and there by also stillness.

The sculpture title is derived from a little white sugar pot that a friend gave me years ago which I have always loved, and it always reminds me of that friendship.


Memorial Bells Soundscape, Bamburgh, 2023

Graham Hembrough

Memorial Bells Soundscape, Bamburgh, 2023 by Graham Hembrough


I recorded a Soundscape - the ambience, arrival and departure of visitors and the audience listening to the choral performance of John Casken's 'Memorial' at St. Aidan's Church, Bamburgh, Northumberland during Armistice Sunday, 2023. The music was played whilst the audience sat alongside the sculptural installation by Keith Roberts of nine large Bells entitled 'Caporetto' marking the battle of Caporetto in Italy, 1917.



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Highlights: 20 - 26 May, 2024

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