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Dunderhead No. 6, 2023 by James Reynolds

Weekly Highlights: 6 - 12 May, 2024

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Amanda Whittle, Andrew Hardwick, James Reynolds and Sue Mann


CR: 12, 2024

Amanda Whittle

CR: 12, 2024 by Amanda Whittle


Glass photographic slide, collage, letraset.


Moor and Reservoir, 2024

Andrew Hardwick

Moor and Reservoir, 2024 by Andrew Hardwick


Large painting on silage bag, used by myself during the last years of cattle farming.

220 x 440 cm


Dunderhead No. 6, 2023

James Reynolds 

Dunderhead No. 6, 2023 by James Reynolds 


Charcoal and oil on geso panel.

Diameter: 27cm


Patterns and Atmospheres, 2022

Sue Mann

Patterns and Atmospheres, 2022 by Sue Mann


As part of a group residency with fellow AHH Studio Collective artists at Art Licks' residency space on North York Moors, we engaged with the site and surrounding area through the lens of Herbert Read’s novel, ‘The Green Child’. This provided the opportunity to explore individual ideas and share responses.

Inspired by Read's account of first sensing the ‘patterns and atmospheres’ of life growing up nearby on his father’s farm, work began on a time lapse video that traced passages of light as they travelled through an agricultural building of interest on site. This work prompted the drawing series, ‘The Pattern that Emerges’.

3mins 20s






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Highlights: 20 - 26 May, 2024

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