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Artist Support and Professional Development

What is an Artist Support and Professional Development programme?

Axis’s Artist Support and Professional Development programme is a framework designed to nurture and support artists' practice and growth. It includes resources and events, including professional workshops, thematic events series, and support programmes that cater to artists at varying stages of their artistic journey.

Why Artist Support and Professional Development?

  • Offer Targeted Support: Equipping artists with practical skills and knowledge for their professional journey.
  • Encourage Professional Growth: Creating opportunities for artists to develop their practice and engage critically within the art community.
  • Promote Critical Engagement: Facilitating dialogue to enrich and support good practice.

How Do We Support Artists Development?

  • Professional Workshops: Delivering sessions on art practice, business skills, and creative innovation, aimed at empowering artists with comprehensive skill sets.
  • Thematic Events Series: Addressing vital issues like ‘Mental Health for Artists’ and integrating insights from our fellowship and community initiatives to offer a rounded perspective.
  • Critical Friends: Providing mentorship and feedback, enabling artists to refine and progress their work with trusted guidance.
  • Bursary Programmes: Offering financial support, aiding artists in bringing their creative visions to fruition.
  • Knowledge Base: Beyond events, we compile resources—articles, guides, and toolkits to support artists’ professional development and wellbeing.
  • Community and Support Network: Facilitating spaces for dialogue and peer support, we foster a thriving artistic community that benefits from shared understanding and collaborative growth.

Who Benefits?

  • Artists at Every Stage: Whether emerging or established, artists gain invaluable support that propels their practice and professional development.
  • The Arts Community: A more skilled, engaged, and professionally developed artist community enhances the vibrancy and sustainability of the arts landscape.

The Impact of Artist Support and Professional Development

  • Artists experience
  • Enhanced ability to advance their practice.
  • A supportive environment to engage critically with their work, encouraging professional growth and innovation.

Empowering the Future of Art

By offering a platform for development, support, and community engagement, we ensure that artists have the resources and opportunities to thrive in their careers and contribute meaningfully to the wider arts community.

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