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Leslie Thompson, Social Works Live, Photo Jules Lister

Community at Axis

What is the Axis Community all About? 

At Axis we’re committed to fostering a supportive contemporary visual arts network through our community. We create collaborative spaces where artists, makers, and art workers can regularly connect, share resources, and collaborate. 

The Heart of Our Community?

When you join Axis as a member, you become part of a caring art organisation. We are building:

  • A Supportive Community: Membership means becoming part of a network dedicated to mutual support and collaboration, enhancing each member's growth and success.
  • An Independent and Caring Organisation: Leveraging our independence from public funding Axis aims to focus solely on what's best for our members, supporting artists' aspirations without profit motives.
  • A Diverse and Inclusive Program: Championing diversity and inclusivity within the arts, creating a welcoming space for all creative voices to be heard and celebrated.

How Does Our Community Work?

  • Live Networking Events & Collaborative Projects: Organising talks, peer-led meetups, and spaces that enable artists to connect, share ideas and work together; fostering a culture of collaboration.
  • Mentoring: Monthly program of online conversations between members and visiting artists, arts professionals or a member of the Axis team where guidance, advice, and feedback are offered.
  • Sharing Platform: Developing an online hub for exchanging tools, materials, processes, and advice, making shared resources readily available. 
  • Community Showcases: Offering opportunities for members to present their work, engage with peers, and participate in critiques. Promoting reflective practices, increasing exposure and gaining supportive feedback.

Who Benefits?

  • Artists, Makers, and Art Workers: Individuals engaged in the creative process will find Axis a nurturing space for development, connection, and exploration.
  • Communities: Both local and digital communities benefit from enhanced access to contemporary visual arts, contributing to the cultural vibrancy and inclusivity of society.
  • The Wider Arts Sector: Strengthening the arts community ensures a more resilient, diverse, and innovative art sector.

The Impact of Community

Our Community has seen:

  • A significant increase in collaborative opportunities and resources for artists, directly supporting their professional and creative growth.
  • Broader public engagement with contemporary art, enriching the cultural life of numerous communities.
  • The creation of a stronger, inclusive network that echoes Axis's commitment to diversity, mutual support, and collective success in the arts.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

By joining Axis, you're not just becoming a member of an organisation; you're contributing to a dynamic and inclusive future for contemporary visual arts. 

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