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Farida Yesmin, 2023 Axis Fellow (Image credit: Manuel Vasion)


Introducing the Axis Fellowship?

The Axis Fellowship is a prestigious development opportunity designed specifically for early to mid-career artists. As part of our commitment to nurture talent, the fellowship offers financial support, mentorship, and promotional opportunities to help artists advance their careers and increase their visibility within the contemporary art scene.

Fully Funded by Axis: This initiative is 100% funded by Axis, underlining our commitment to directly support the artistic community without reliance on public subsidy. 

Why the Axis Fellowship?

Our aim is to empower artists at critical stages in their careers by providing them with the resources and platforms necessary for significant development. By focusing on cohort learning, mentoring, and bespoke promotional content, the Axis Fellowship seeks to create a supportive environment where artists can explore their practice, engage with peers, and gain exposure.

How Does the Axis Fellowship Work?

Selected artists (from the Axis membership) embark on a six to eight month journey, engaging in monthly cohort meetings and one-on-one mentoring sessions with Axis staff and guest mentors. The fellowship includes the creation of bespoke promotional content tailored to each artist, offering a unique opportunity to showcase their practice to a wider audience. Additionally, fellows benefit from enhanced promotion through our social media channels and e-bulletins.

Who Can Benefit?

The fellowship is open to Axis Professional Members who have demonstrated a commitment to developing their artistic practice. Ideal candidates are those who will:

  • Thrive from a process of shared learning.Benefit from targeted mentoring.
  • Appreciate timely financial support for their creative development.
  • Seek opportunities to showcase their work to broader audiences.
  • Be open to sharing their creative journey with the Axis community.

Impact of the Fellowship

The Axis Fellowship aims to have a profound impact on the careers of participating artists:

  • Professional Development: Fellows report significant advancements in their creative practice, fuelled by mentorship and financial support.
  • Visibility and Exposure: Through promotional content and social media promotion, fellows enjoy increased visibility, leading to new opportunities and engagements.
  • Community and Networking: Engagement in the fellowship fosters a sense of community among cohort members, providing valuable networking opportunities.

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