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Praxis Graduate exhibition installation, Cardiff Umbrella, 2024

Graduate Programme

What is the Graduate Programme?

The Axis Graduate Programme is an innovative online artist-led professional development programme tailored for Third-year fine art students / graduates transitioning from academic study to the professional arts sector. Designed to empower, our programme offers guidance, resources, and insights from experienced artist and art professionals, providing the tools and confidence needed for emerging artists to establish and sustain their practice.

Why the Graduate Programme?

Transitioning from university to the professional artworld poses unique challenges for art graduates. The Axis Graduate Programme aims to:

  • Ease entry into a professional art practice: By offering practical advice and support, we help graduates navigate the complexities of the arts sector.
  • Enhance Career Path: Through targeted content and networking opportunities, participants are better prepared to pursue viable careers in the arts.
  • Foster Continued Growth: Encouraging the development of important networks post-university, the programme supports long-term professional and creative development.

How Does the Graduate Programme Work?

  • Pathway Talks: Offering insights from fine art graduates on their career paths, providing relatable examples of post-graduate success.
  • Development Talks: Focused sessions on portfolio development, networking, and navigating being an artist, equipping graduates with essential skills.
  • Graduate Showcases: Opportunities for participants to highlight their work, gaining visibility and feedback.
  • Resource Access: Extending Axis resources and opportunities to graduates from non-participating universities, ensuring broad support.

Who Benefits?

  • Recent Art Graduates: Individuals looking to transition smoothly into the arts sector, seeking guidance and support to kickstart their professional practice.
  • The Arts Community: By nurturing new talent, the programme contributes to the vitality and diversity of the wider arts ecosystem.

The Impact of the Graduate Programme

Since its inception, the Axis Graduate Programme has:

  • Supported hundreds of graduates in establishing their practice, with many participants successfully navigating their initial years in the professional arts world.
  • Increased programme uptake and graduate engagement, reflecting its effectiveness in career preparation.
  • Received positive feedback from participants, highlighting the programme’s role in enhancing readiness and confidence.

Programme Continuity and Support

The Axis Graduate Programme is a key part of our dedication to the ongoing support of emerging artists. It offers a framework designed to smooth the journey from academic study to the professional art world, by demystifying the way that art careers work. This initiative underscores our belief in the importance of early career support, aiming to equip new graduates with the knowledge, confidence, and network necessary for successful entry into the arts sector.

By providing a nurturing environment focused on development and connection, the programme plays a crucial role in the broader mission of Axis to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable arts ecosystem.

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