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Commissioning Artwork: A Personal Touch to Your Space

Commissioning artwork is a unique way to bring original art into your life. It’s not just about buying art; it's about forming a personal connection with the piece and its creator. Whether for your home, workplace, or as part of a larger project, commissioned art adds a special dimension. Here's our guide on how to start this rewarding journey, highlighting how Axis can be your gateway to finding the perfect artist.

Find the Right Artist

The first step is discovering an artist whose work truly resonates with you. Take time to explore and see as much art as possible. Axis is a great place to start, offering a wide range of artists with diverse styles and mediums. Keep notes or a list of artists whose work particularly stands out to you.

Clarify Your Vision

Knowing what you want is key. Think about the purpose of the commissioned piece. Do you want something that complements your space, reflects a personal experience, or brings a new perspective? Whatever your reason, being clear about your intentions will help in communicating with the artist.

Talk to the Artist

Once you've found an artist whose work you admire, the next step is to get in touch. Discussing your ideas with them can open up new possibilities you hadn’t considered. Axis makes it easy to contact artists directly, providing a professional platform for initial conversations.

Plan Ahead

Remember, good art takes time. Artists balance various projects and creative processes, so be flexible with timelines.

Discuss Details

It’s important to talk about the practicalities early on. This includes the size of the artwork, budget, deadlines, and any specific requirements you have. Agreeing on these details beforehand ensures a smooth process for both you and the artist.

Celebrate the Collaboration

Once the artwork is completed, share it! Whether it’s through social media, an exhibition, or just within your own circle, showcasing the commissioned piece celebrates the collaboration between you and the artist.

Maintain the Relationship 

Stay in touch with the artist after the project. Following their career and supporting their future work can be incredibly rewarding and may lead to more collaborations.

Why Commission Through Axis

Axis offers a curated selection of artists, making it easier for you to find someone whose style and vision match your own. With detailed profiles and direct contact options, Axis ensures a smooth, professional process from initial discovery to finalising the commission. By choosing an artist through Axis, you're not only guaranteed quality but also contributing to a vibrant and diverse art community.

Commissioning artwork is a deeply personal and fulfilling process. It allows you to have a direct impact on the creation of a new piece, tailor-made to your vision and space. Through Axis, you can navigate this journey with confidence, knowing you’re supported every step of the way. Start exploring today and take the first step towards bringing unique, meaningful art into your world.


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