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A Guide to Submitting Your Opportunity

Our Criteria: Ensuring Quality and Relevance

Before you submit, please review our guidelines designed to foster a diverse and equitable arts scene in the UK:


We're looking for opportunities aimed at artists and art professionals who live in the UK or significantly contribute to its arts scene.

Broad Spectrum

Awards, residencies, exhibitions, and similar opportunities are welcome here. They should provide clear financial rewards or chances for professional growth.

Fair Pay

Volunteer positions and internships are posted only if they cover expenses and offer real benefits, such as training or valuable work experience. We support the Living Wage to ensure fairness.


It's important to be upfront about any fees involved, whether charged to the artist or required as submission fees. 

Identity and Integrity

Opportunities must come from identifiable organisations, groups, or individuals. We do not accept anonymous submissions or those made on behalf of third parties.

Value and Respect

We don’t list galleries for hire, nor do we promote pay-to-participate residencies or events unless they offer a bursary, stipend, or the fee is minimal.


Opportunities should be accessible to UK-based artists. We will not list opportunities aimed exclusively at artists living outside the UK or those associated with vanity art websites.

Commercial Enterprises

Our focus is on artistic growth and development, not commercial sales. For opportunities primarily selling products or services, contact us for advertising options.

About Posting Fees

  • It's free to list free opportunities.
  • Minimum Charge: £25 for paid opportunities.
  • Matching Fees: We match the application fee you charge if over £25.
  • Participation/Workshops/Courses/Events: If you charge for participation, then we charge the greater of 10% of your fee or £25.

Why We Charge Fees: To maintain our platform's quality, ensuring genuine value for artists. This supports our sustainability and fairness, as Axis is not publicly funded.

What Our Form Asks

Please note you will need a login to the Axis website to submit an Opportunity.

Provider Information

Name, contact email, website, and a brief overview.

Opportunity Details

Title, summary, full description, upload a PDF (if you want), location, lead image and whether the opportunity pays a fee.


Locations, artforms, themes, contexts, and tags.

Application Details

How to apply, application link, deadline and if there is any participation or entry fees.

Review Process

  • Initial Check: Confirmation of submission.
  • Criteria Review: Evaluation against our criteria and benefit to artists, aiming to review within 3 working days.
  • Decision Time: You'll be informed within 3 - 5 working days if your submission is accepted (subject to fees if payable) or declined without detailed feedback but encouraged to review our criteria and guidelines for resubmission.

Why the Review Matters

This process helps maintain the high quality of our platform, aligning with our mission to support the arts community by ensuring opportunities are valuable and relevant.


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