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Ali Pickard (The Yaffingale)

North Wales
Originally a welding artist many years ago, I returned to making during Covid, principally in textile art with automata and mixed media. I use craft techniques within fine art sculptures. The quality and process, and the ideas are equally important

I look at loss and change within language and society, and what we must lose to gain space for change and growth. I embed historical references to reflect on modern society and women’s stories. I am interested in which stories get to be told, and who is telling the tale both within fictional stories and factual society. People often say my work has a fairytale quality, and that it can both make them think and be unsettling.

I like people to be drawn in by a beautifully crafted/intriguing piece of textile art. The craft of making is as important to me as the ideas within a piece and my work can take 100s of hours to complete. I use a lot of hand embroidery.  There are pieces that work on two layers. At first look, a well-crafted piece of art, but for those who want to delve deeper there is often a thought-provoking theme or history behind them


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