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Anna Falcini

Anna Falcini is a visual artist whose work deals with the porous atmospheres of geography and the interface of language. Her work is rendered through surfaces, drawing, text, audio and film.

Anna Falcini is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose interests are the female experiences of the world that may be hidden, overlooked or erased. She develops an extensive body of research often through archives, academic materials and primary materials in the field seeking out the more ephemeral and intangible readings of the female experience.

Her work is rendered through surfaces, drawing, text, audio and film. Anna has investigated the poetic traces of the life of the late Welsh artist, Gwen John (1876 -1939) in Paris, Dieppe and Tenby through her letters and notebooks archived at the National Library of Wales and the Musée Rodin. She has long been fascinated with navigating the female relationship to marginal landscapes investigating the post industrial, coastal landscape on the Thames estuary, the subject of her Ph.D. thesis "Stalking the Atmostphere: Journeys into the Hoo Peninsula through a Multi-Disciplinary Fine Art Practice" completed in 2021.






In Between the Folds are Particles

Silent Contemplation

Harbouring Memory (Blackened)

We Drill For Oil

We Drill For Oil

Coming Out of That Past into Glistening Black

A Walk on the Isle of Grain

Code 10

Black Spots

The Erasure of John Baskervile

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