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Anna Morris

Somerset based painter, exploring light and surface

My work explores the transient effects of light, investigating mark-making and referencing landscape through drawing, painting and collage. I aim to create works that evoke the experience of visual phenomena – of atmospheric light and luminosity. Much of my work references moving through the landscape and is rarely specific to a particular place but informed by memory and experience.

My process is a combination of painting and collage, resulting in small scale works on card and plywood. The collaged fragments I use are sometimes many years old and I use a wide range of experimental means to produce these through a process of addition and deletion. I often incorporate fragments of prints - monotype, stone lithographs, dry point, collagraph and more recently screenprints. I collate and sift, selecting and combining, layering and reworking until the composition settles into its final form.

I am interested in the ‘objectness’ of painting - the relationship between the surface of my paintings with their sometimes oblique reference to landscape and the physicality of the pieces and whether it is possible to hold these two elements in balance.


Chasing Light

All Quiet

And Then

That Day

Fleeting Sun

Take Me There

Over There

High Tide 2

High Tide 1

Deep dark (nocturne)


Landforms 7

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