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Ben Sanderson

The plants that grow in the cracks of the pavement and that are crawling up the walls.

In February 2019 – February 2021 I had a residency at Trebah Gardens on the Helford River. During my time at Trebah, I organised a series of garden walks with specialists (an ethnobotanical researcher, gardeners, a psychiatrist, a herbalist, artists, poets, and friends) and we discussed in depth the space between people and plants. These conversations went on to inform my work in the studio and have left me still questioning what happens at the garden’s edge. 

These interests evolved through my working process where images and forms come and go, and systems are interrupted. The works develop slowly, attuned to the seasons, embracing cyclical processes of growth and decay. I work in painting, drawing and textiles, often returning to existing pieces and transforming them: monotypes on paper are developed and echoed in printed elements that appear on canvas; canvas is sewn and patched back together or mulched to become rag paper, which in turn becomes a ground for new painting.


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