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Bernard J Charnley

Bernard Charnley works primarily in paint with an emphasis on colour and materiality. The imagery engages with ideas of impermanence and change as a metaphoric space.

There is a strange and damaged hinterland of nature awakened in these displayed images. Yet their fateful appearance is illuminated by the imaginary of paint. It is a search for an undefined enchantment of shape, light, colour and metaphor, emerging out of alienated  terrains.

It is this mystery of a damaged actual and its recuperated spirit that I find compelling, especially as it translates into changing forms and mediations across the paintings. It has a sense of a a journey or odyssey. One where the human, inscribed as a sign of making and abandonment, is then drawn into the spell of transfigured spaces.


Border Notes And Adorno’s Dream


Poetry Notes

Energy Line Disturbs Water Spirits

Where Poetry Lives


Fire On The Hill


When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears

Not A Washing Line

Division 17

Reflection On A Clear Blue Day

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