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Chris Reynolds

New Brighton. Wallasey
Much of my work is created using discarded materials or by recycling my old canvases. I use these as a way of engaging and responding to the world around me.

Art for me is not about creating pretty images (although that may be a bi-product) I’m very much an artist that uses the process of making as a way of discovery, facing myself head on, questioning, following lines of enquiry; finding and revealing my truth before I pop this physical / mortal plane. It’s how my brain is wired and believe me, sometimes it’s not always been a welcomed skill, talent, propensity!

Much of my work is based upon memory, impressions, and chance occurrences. I want to draw out the beauty in the arbitrary; taking inspiration from heavily scarred walls, graffiti, marks created by peeling paint or everyday ephemera.  

I am also fascinated by urban explorations and hidden time capsules that are quickly being reclaimed by nature. We transform landscapes and leave our unmistakable marks, but they are not always indelible. When we move out, nature quickly moves in to stake its claim. 

I am now exploring these themes by revisiting, destroying, and reusing previous works. This is primarily to reflect upon my history, my visual diary and to consolidate those recurring concepts and ideas, and of course as a way of understanding and creating my own artistic legacy.  



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