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Colin Higginson


Higginson's art practice incorporates sculpture, model making, photography, film, installation and performance.

His work is motivated by an ongoing interest in history, memory and representation, particularly in how meaning is constructed through narrative and artifice.

He has an ongoing interest in the connection between the image and the sculptural object using photography and film to mediate this relationship. He has explored these ideas through recreating specific artworks from archival photographs - transforming a two-dimensional image into a physical and tangible object.

This method gives rise to the notions of imitation, authenticity and seeks to reveal new meaning and narrative.

More recent work has been focused on structure and form particularly exploring objects that imitate nature.

Collaboration - Jefferies and Higginson

Since 2011 I have been collaborating on a regular basis with Marcus Jefferies. Their work explores the relationship between Architecture and memory through the production of sculpture, photography and installation. Their working process often begins with the transformation of an archive image into an immersive, interactive environment - creating new narratives through reimagining the recent past.

Art In Motion (AIM)

Colin Higginson is Founder director of Art in Motion (AIM) a Not for Profit participatory arts organisation. AIM provides opportunities for artists with learning disabilities to engage with multidisciplinary arts to explore ideas and concepts with a specific focus on heritage and the built environment.


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