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I am a studio painter and make mixed media drawings. My interests lie in landscapes, real or imaginary, and domestic interiors.

Whilst the human figure was frequently present since my early days as an Art student,  in the past decade it has become more prominent.

My explorations have taken me from the landscape (which I still continue to work on) to our artificially constructed environments, our interior spaces.

My paintings/drawings are of snap-shots, vignettes of daily lives. These spaces are the theatre in which we enact out of our routines. We get lost in these routines, which are socially isolated acts, and lose sense of who we really are internally. My figures are clumsy and awkward. They are vulnerable and unsure. They are oblivious of us, the viewer, but from which vantage point are we watching?


Derelict House

River Crevice

Winter Vasiliki, Lefkada

The Importance of a Dance

Returning Home

Hay Stackers

Fishermen by the River


Logging on the River

Down by the River

Approaching the Party

Oil on Board

Stepping Out

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