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Janet Patterson

Painter, printmaker, installationist - often working across these activities and combining elements from them all. Very interested in making new developments in my work.

Until recently my work was mainly concerned with painting, the concept having gradually developed from figuration (often autobiographical) to landscape-based semi abstract painting. The landscapes or environments did not relate to a particular place but alluded to a sense of place referencing birds, animals and insects, trees, leaves, flowers. In the last 2 years I have diversified into sculpture often using disposable, recyclable and occasionally plastic materials and sometimes employing light. As in my painting colour is a predominant element which often serves as a distinguishing unifying surface (or background) to the work setting the mood of the piece or imbuing an atmosphere. I am still very involved in painting. Influences Landscape, gestural, ephemeral, impressionist, abstract, painterly, imaginative, colour, drawing, animals, insects, human presence, conceptual images. Career path 1. Diploma in Fine Art, London University (Slade) 2. Lecturing at Colleges of Art in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking 3. Exhibiting in solo and mixed exhibitions continually since 1970s 4. Awarded scholarships and fellowships including Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship. Artist in Residence in colleges in Australia. Awarded major prize in Hunting Art exhibitions in 2000


Shoreham stories

Ground cover

Arid Valley

Mediterranean Garden

Pandora's Box - Hope


Lightbox - viridian sequence

Ground cover

Tallbuoy (full beam)

Water Willows

Field fire


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