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Lauren McLaughlin

I'm a multidisciplinary artist, curator and producer based in the North East of Scotland. I'm also the founder of Spilt Milk; a social enterprise whose mission is to support the work of artists who identify as m/others.

My practice is rooted in a desire to represent the undervalued and overlooked experiences of mothering, caregiving and gendered work through a feminist lens. Often focusing on subjects which are still considered taboo such as childbirth, reproductive rights, and economic inequality, my aim is to spark important conversations around the value structures present in our capitalist society. I work across a range of mediums including collage, photography, sculpture, curatorial and socially engaged projects. I’m drawn to the use of non-traditional materials which can include everything from found paper images, shredded banknotes and hoover dust through to gold leaf and neon signs. Through the subjects I chose to explore, and the materials I work with, my aim is to place value upon that which has been historically undervalued in art and society.


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