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Lorna Johnson

Artist based in Leeds, Interested in heritage, folklore and forgotten industries

Working predominantly to make artist-made objects, sculptural installations/assemblages and collage, my work is inclusive and experimental. Whilst there is a respect for the traditions of the techniques,  I strive to offer a refreshing open approach to the materials and methods that might be utilised.

My instinct as an artist is to cherrypick and I see this as part of my role as an artist.  I am drawn to objects and materials where the monetary value is questionable: materials, objects, trades etc. that could be perceived as more disposable and non-precious i.e. it’s not made of gold, something else can replace it, not usually kept for long, there’s only a scrap left.  Visually this is explored through the combinations of materials and quantities of items that I choose to use and make, and the association’s people may have with both material and object. This is currently taking a central role to the research I am conducting as part of my practice-led PhD research at Leeds University; Yorkshire Hoards – Understanding the objective/ subjective value of the objects we continue to earmark, lay, maintain, stow, put away through the artist’s edit.


An agreeable space

Tally continuum

Pressed for thought

goldbrick - limited edition prints


the admix crucible

pre-silver - present wax

Gold vein 1 (The West Yorkshire Hoard)

Gold vein 2 (The West Yorkshire Hoard)

Gold vein 3 (The West Yorkshire Hoard)

Gold vein 4 (The West Yorkshire Hoard)

Gathered garnet (The West Yorkshire Hoard)

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