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Marged Pendrell

A contemporary visual artist living and working in N.Wales.Artistic practice continues to be realised through research, solo and collaborative projects.

My current work is   often rooted in my experience of the land in and around Snowdonia where I live. I am particularly interested in the cultural and geological histories that have affected the connections and disconnections to ‘place’. Much of my working process involves walking and the collecting of natural and found materials.

 Materials and their ability to convey specific meanings are central to my work.When choosing to work with a material, I test out its conceptual and physical attributes to find out how it can be transformed, what it can actually do. The work is installation based and combines mixed media.The initial working process evolves with the specific enquiry, sometimes intuitive, at times deeply researched.

 My initial influences were the Land/Environmental artists e.g. Richard Long, Hamish Fulton, the way they physically and spiritually connected to wild remote landscape. Eva Hesse and Guiseppe Pennone have also been of particular influence for their brave manipulation of materials.

  My working practice as an Exhibiting artist nationally/internationally continues to be realised through research and solo and collaborative projects.I also enjoy both national and international residencies.


FflotilaCaergybi-Mail Packet Steamer

Fflotila Caergybi -Prospero

Pilgrim's Curragh and Cargo

Fflotila Caergybi -St Cybi's Coracle's

Holyhead Flotilla -Fragile Times


Artist's Books



Walks with Pebbles-Inis Oírr

Quarry Windows -Disused

Abandoned-Quarry door/Fireplace/Window

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