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Marianne Wilde

Newcastle upon Tyne
As a visual artist and academic my work focuses on collaborative and interactive contemporary arts projects between the artist’s studio and the scientific laboratory.

I am a visual artist with a background in two disciplines, that of the visual arts and creative writing. I tend to work on a project basis drawing creative inspiration and influence from the environment in which my practice is taking place. I use mixed media in my work that is wide ranging in form and I often use experimental and /or unstable materials in my studio practice. Drawing upon both visual and linguistic approaches my work draws on images and textual elements that are disturbed and/or changed. It is this 'disturbance' of the physical image/word or material that is a recurring theme throughout my work that in particular examines the narratives that emerge from creating objects that are inhabited by a sense of absence or invisibility combined with a restrictive view. My creative experiments have used a number of materials conventionally associated with an expanded definition of fine art practice, such as glass, paper, photography and film; but they also include materials used in clinical experimentation such as gels. My current research investigations cross between, and combine, the two disciplines of art and science both through the materials of an arts practice and a scientific laboratory and through the methods and conventions of display that are generally adopted within both of these fields of knowledge. It is into this unstable environment that text and images are introduced, held, changed and finally 'unsettled'. Through practical and reflective exploration, my research practice aims to get closer to the experience of 'wondering' rather than 'knowing', creating a gap in understanding that then leaves room for the narrative structure of metaphorical 'story-making' and 'imagining' to occur.



Unsolved Case

Evolution or Revolution

Vital Heat


The Unsolved Case

Strange Harvest

A bird in the hand...

A bird in the hand...

A bird in the hand...

Conversation Pieces

Sequence Shift

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