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Michelle Baharier

Camberwell Green
Age five, my art work was exhibited at School. Inspired by daily life, I create the ordinary/extraordinary, voicing the unseen/invisible/unheard, bringing neglected stories to life. Via color and interaction with audiences.

Artist Statement Michelle Baharier 2024,

My passion is Colour, People, and the extraordinary ways people make a difference to the world we live in. I communicate this by creating vibrant powerful paintings, telling the stories of people through their portraits, I take photographs that observe our landscapes that reflect the personal, the urban, and natural environments. These works leave a trail of historical change. I am dyslexic and I write poetry that explores the here and now. I am a performance artist too and use walking in my practice. My work is emotionally highly charged, I find the medium to suit the work, My work addresses many barriers that I and others face some due to disability discrimination and prejudice.

My oeuvre includes powerfully expressive portraits, that tell stories, performances, poetry, photography, phone drawings, and digital/video collages.


The Walkie-Talkies Part 7: The Space Inbetween Bus Stops

The Walkie-Talkies Part 6: Childhood

The Walkie-Talkies Part 5: That's My Bus Story

The Walkie-Talkies Part 4: Sightseeing by Michelle Baharier

The Walkie-Talkies Part 3: For the Very First Time

The Walkie-Talkies Part 2: Poets by Michelle Baharier

The Walkie-Talkies Part 1: David Morris

2020 Responding to by Postcard

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