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Mik Godley

Painter and drawer – iPad and analogue

Mik Godley’s project Considering Silesia is a painters’ exploration of Anglo-German identity, a search engine journey through internet to canvas across his mothers’ contested land, examining conflicting heritages, cultural history, displacement, migration with contemporary social and political resonances.

These themes are observed in the context of our evolving relationship with the internet and accessible technologies (our digital “way of seeing”) focusing on ‘virtual expeditions’ to his mothers’ homeland and the analogue activity of painting – or on his iPad and mobile phone

Considering Silesia has been exhibited from Baltimore to San Francisco, London and Zagreb

Enigmatic landscapes charged with psychological resonance…. An impressive combination of methodical observation and technical draughtsmanship matched by a mature understanding of the medium and just the right amount of spontaneity and freedom give these studies a real sense of urgency, energy and vitality. Matt Price,

Godley has become one of the best, and best known, exponents of drawing using iPhone and iPad apps in the region and this work ably demonstrates that his drawing talent is just as expressive on a screen as it is on paper or canvas. Mark Patterson, Nottingham Post



The Screen – Digital Drawing and Painting

The Bunker Paintings

Glacial Landscapes

Considering Silesia at the Attenborough Arts Centre, University of Leicester, UK

Red Valerian 4 July 2017 #3

Red Valerian 4 July 2017 #2

Red Valerian 1 July

Red Valerian, 4 July 2017

Red Valerian, 6 July 2017

Red Valerian, 15 July 2017

Walbrzych Mausoleum Interior 3

Walbrzych Mausoleum Interior 2

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