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Natalia Millman

St Albans, UK
A visual multi-media conceptual artist

My art practice delves deep into the realms of bittersweet, grief, and human resilience, reflecting my personal journey and observations. I engage with themes often left unspoken, like the intricacies of motherhood, the sting of loss, the realities of aging, migration, and the complexities of dementia. 

My work is a dialogue about the intricate relationship between humans and nature, highlighting the contrasts and connections between natural harmony and human distress, as well as the cycles of growth, decay, and renewal. 

I use symbolism of trees, body and forces of nature. In my creative process, I employ expressive brush strokes, destruction, burning, mending and the raw texture of materials to bring these themes to life. 

My "Grief Letter" project is particularly close to my heart. It's a communal endeavor where people from around the world share their experiences of loss and grief. In this project, I respond to each letter individually through various media, creating a space for empathy, understanding, and collective healing. “Grief Letter” received support from the Arts Council England and will be developed into the holistic event featuring exhibition, performance and workshops in summer 2025. 

My approach is intuitive, guided by my personal experiences and a deep sensitivity to the energies of nature and people. This leads to art that is rich in symbolism and emotional depth that explores and challenges fear, as the primal feeling.  Fear of ageing, loss, death.   

In my mixed media abstract paintings and sculptures, I explore physical decay, the theme of home, motherhood, belonging, the interplay between the human body and nature, continuity, flow and our innate need to connect with the natural world.

Most of the materials I use are found. I put these pieces together in the hope to repair, create something new, to give the object a new function.  By incorporating elements like hair and body shapes, I aim to celebrate the beauty and dignity of ageing. 

With my solo exhibition, “Vanishing Point,” I not only showcased my artistic journey but also reinforced my commitment to social causes, particularly through my association with Arts 4 Dementia. 

Beyond personal expression, my art serves as a tool for raising awareness and fostering community engagement, as evident in the art classes I conduct for individuals affected by dementia and Ukrainian community. My art is about healing, empathy, and inspiration.


Winter of 2022


Manifestation of reality or a morning walk


Tree human


Skin Metamorphosis

Wheeping willow


tracing your footsteps

Crystalised intelligence

Close to you within me

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