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Quilla Constance

Quilla Constance is a British interdisciplinary artist, lecturer and TV personality

Quilla Constance (aka: QC) is an artist, lecturer and TV personality.

QC employs androgynous punk-carnival aesthetics and a sardonic demeanour to locate points of agency within hegemonic frameworks of white phallocentric order. QC subsequently stages artistic interventions in clubs, theatres, art galleries, music venues, the street and on mainstream TV.

QC's art practice is interdisciplinary and consists of paintings, lectures, photographs, live performances, costumes and music videos. Her live performance work has been noted for its "unflinching physical narrative performed entirely through breath, posture and non-verbal sounds: panting like a dog, sex noises, then laughter, pure guttural anger, and back again" (Megan Vaughan, The Stage)

QC’s varied art practice also "scrutinises food as a signifying system onto which social class and ethnic identities are mapped out, from fried chicken in cardboard take-away boxes to tea in fine, bone china cups" (Alexandra Kokoli, Van Abbemuseum)

QC's art seeks to question the limitations of categories, boundaries, and contexts to humorous, destabilising, and liberating effect.

QC's solo exhibition 'Teasing Out Contingencies' is currently on view at The Higgins Bedford, Sir William Harpur Gallery, until January 7th 2024 (Funded by Arts Council England, and supported by Bedford Creative Arts and Tate Modern ) Follow link for further info:

Also see Quilla Constance ‘Artist of the Month’ interview for Axisweb, June 2020:


Intersect - cello & costume performance installation

Barbados Bonanza - Painting-Performance

Carnival Throne - Painting-Performance

'Transcend' Painting-Performance by Quilla Constance, 2023

'Barbados-Bonanza' Painting-Performance by Quilla Constance, 2023

'Sista Signifier' Painting-Performance by Quilla Constance, 2023

'Fire Boy' Painting-Performance by Quilla Constance, 2023

'Sista Signifier' and 'Fire Boy' Oil Paintings

'The Grenadiers' Costume-Installation by Quilla Constance

Paintings On View at The Higgins Bedford, Sir William Harpur Gallery

Liminal Chinoiserie

Fire Boy

Featured in


Artist Spotlight: Quilla Constance

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