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Robin Tarbet

Robin Tarbet is an artist and lecturer based in London. He studied at the Royal College of Art and his work combines printmaking and sculpture with film and video. In 2017 he launched SWAP Editions.

Robin Tarbet (born 1981, UK) studied at the Royal College of Art and is an artist and lecturer based in London. His work combines printmaking and casting with live film and three-dimensional sculptural assemblages. Tarbet's practice is concerned with the physical materiality of the everyday, from consumer products to industrial systems. Much of his research examines the material residue of technological progress and he creates physical responses to data in the form of futuristic monuments, fossil ruins and present day technological relics. From an often chance encounter prompts a method of selective pickings that triggers his fascination with perceived reality, science fiction, illusion and the unusual effects of scale and perspective combine. As an artist he substitutes his lack of technical understanding with the notion of play, imagination and the potential for what could be, rather than what is.



Numatic Cubes

Euro-Pallet C

19 Concrete Punctuations

Orange Buckets




Template Of A Component Landscape

Acer 5000

Concrete Landscape No.3

Concrete Landscape Series No.5

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