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Russell Moreton

Visual fine artist interested in the spatial practices of art, architecture and performance.

Russell Moreton, Speculative Spatial Practices

Working Notes for installation at Raveningham Sculpture Trail 2018


A reflective building is an echo not a statement.

Haptic devices/seating/dwelling in the landscapes of the mind.

Landscape assemblages and the significance of solitude.

The immensity/intimacy and its immediacy to the imagination.

Immensity is within ourselves  Bachelard 


The site a Raveningham offers the spatial practice of a social event and the opportunity to playfully engage with architectural forms, fine art surfaces and textures.


The sensing space, a sculptural assemblage created at Raveningham is an inquiry into 'making' and 'reflexivity' amongst a social landscape.


Artist Statement 2019

Curatorial Architectures/Assemblages


Russell Moreton practice continues to develop themes that bridge interests between the post studio operations of the contemporary artist and the new curatorial assemblages of the 21st Century. He is actively constructing research material that becomes transactive through interventions and installations that are in affect blurring art and the everyday rituals of creative enterprise. Through processes of almost anthropological mappings he attempts to create innovative and immersive exhibition formats that seek to engage a discursive audience.


Museum Director, Curator, Collector, Artist,

None of that means anything anymore.

J, Rhoades. 1998


The Studio is no longer a retreat but it now integrates. It is all exterior.

Ways of Curating, Hans Ulrich Obrist. 2014


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