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Sarah Sabin


My work is concerned with digging about under the surface of places. Gathering histories, dissecting, reassembling them, or inventing my own. Methods and processes used in Archaeology have often played a part directly in the work, generating a residency and long term collaboration with UCL Institute of Archaeology. Making, and an engagement and experimentation with materials and methods is important in my practice, using a wide range of media to create both objects and installations, or manipulating and reassembling found artefacts and materials. Recently, I have been researching and exploring some ancient and modern methods of revealing or extracting information, both disputed and credible, such as divining, and modern counterparts. In modern scientific methods of revealing the 'truth', in depth details of the 'make up' of a material are possible. However within this much content is still missing. The areas of the unknown within the analysis fascinate me, as does the possibility of manipulating the results. My interest in delving underneath, to reveal hidden information from places and people has been used to develop permanently sited artworks for architecture, site specific projects with public participation, and collaborative projects. I have been commissioned by different organisations, galleries and museums including Commissions East for the Foundling Museum, and Firstsite Colchester.


Unlocked/Respond commission/Basines Commenticia - work in progress

By  Sarah Sabin

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