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Suzanne Smith

Interdisciplinary fine artist and freelance arts facilitator

I am an interdisciplinary fine artist based in Manchester, UK. Working with appropriation and collage, I often use text, found objects, photography, film and found image.  

Fascinated with the politics of the everyday, my practice is the negotiation of an environment saturated with social norms and conventions. It is the tension in the mundanity, the something in the nothing that really gets me going...feeling for the edges where negotiation and collusion take place. Through accumulation, play and control I impose a preferred order on my subject, pinning it down long enough to take a closer look. 


Horse Girl

Untitled (2019)

Untitled (2018)

Coming to The Party/Not Coming to The Party

Golf, Golf, Next to the News

Eric & Jesus


Chimera 6

Chimera 5

Chimera 4

Chimera 3

Chimera 2

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