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Tokuko Takeshita

My work is reflecting a question for an obsession of human nature exploring knowledge/the world. Because I believe it is our uniqueness and relating to a root cause of Art.

My work deals with ideas of obsession, interactivity and site. The basis of art is an obsessive need to interact with the world. This has been true of art from its beginning in prehistoric cave drawing and ancient monuments. In my practice, I invite the viewer to touch the work, and to change the work by this action. The work changes over the time of its exhibition - what is encountered at the beginning is different from the final result. The viewer's interaction is a simply physical response - the act of peeling away, the deconstruction of what is presented. It is based on the obsessive, the subconscious action of picking at something, for example the unravelling of a knitted material. It is the intention that the viewer desires to touch the pieces obsessively when they look at the work in the site. In this way the viewer can engage with the work, using it to provoke memories. Each installation is conceived and produced for a specific place, and that this place is implicit in the meaning of the work. This does not tie the work to a single interpretation, the viewer is always free to interpret the work - to change it - from their own perspective.


Memory of Home

Imaginative Species -#6°18'06.6”N 99°51'17.8"E


Two distances from the sea (nature)

A home-scape


Carousel (Building blocks of knowledge project)

Obsession's obsession

MADE IN XX (at 'hand made' exhibition)

Made in XX



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