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Victoria Rance

Based at APT Studios in Deptford London UK, award winning artist Victoria Rance creates sculptures the viewer can interact with, either physically or in the imagination.

Based at APT Studios in Deptford London UK, Victoria Rance was the 2003-4 winner of The Mark Tanner Award for Sculpture. She is concerned with the exploration of social and human behaviour, encouraging awareness of both inner psychic space and our relationships with each other and our environment. Her work identifies with both the outer wildlife, and our inner wildness and animal nature. Series of works include:

·        Sculptural tableaux dealing with political power and hierarchies and the rise of the Trickster in contemporary culture overshadowing liberal values (2017 onwards). The Night Horse and The Holy Baboon is based on a talismanic object in the Pitt Rivers collection which makes the rider invisible at night in order to kill enemies. The Apology is about power relationships and secret weapons. Marion is about how women gained power in the middle ages through visions.

·        Sculpture to Wear: wearable sculptures and spaces to inhabit either physically or in the imagination about how we protect our inner lives. Caterpillars draws on Batesian mimicry, Tabard the spiky defence of porcupines and SOS the armour of armadillos. Interactions with the work are recorded using photography and animations. Monkey Mask is an animation about an aging half human half primate.

·        Otherworld (2015 onwards) small work about the magical, mythological relationships between humans, animals and nature.

·        I Wish (2013 onwards) in which Victoria makes a talismanic object for people in response to a one to one conversation. She looks at the power of magical thinking in times of desperation and has been commissioned to do the project in schools, with refugees and migrants, and in a hospital.


The Fates

In Real Life Victoria Rance at Cable Depot

Thorness 2019

Loki and Loki


The Apology

The Night Horse and The Holy Baboon


Ghost Dance

I Wish



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