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An Alkerden Assemblage: HOLEY CITY

Christopher Tipping

I am currently working as Principal Artist on the Whitecliffe Major Urban Park, a new urban green space, set in a former chalk quarry at the very heart of Ebbsfleet Garden City at Swanscombe, Kent. My role is to influence the design process, interpretation and contextual position of the new park via research and creative interaction with the design team and Define Landscape Architects. I was commissioned by client HENLEY CAMLAND by Public Art Consultants FrancisKnight, to contribute and collaborate in the writing and development of a Public Art Strategy, which will be implemented throughout the design and build process and the future management and legacy of the park. This strategy will set out an ambitious programme for public art, embedded and temporary work, alongside community engagement and artist led commissions. It promises to be an outstanding example of creative thinking applied to a public space and influence creative practice in this arena.

By Permission Britain From Above & Christopher Tipping

Define Landscape Architects and Christopher Tipping

Christopher Tipping

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'Void', London Road Sexfoil, Southampton

Sheffield Hallam University 'Heart of the Campus'.

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