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And all these things I do not mention

In And all these things I do not mention, a 35mm slide projects a small image of a pond. The angle of the image and its projection cast down onto the tranquil water but the eye is drawn back towards the material, the slide, which is damaged. Heat and light has burnt the celluloid and melted the image, shifting the focus back to the material but, at the same time, beyond the waters surface. The work was exhibited in Dreaming of Dead Fish, an exhibition of newly commissioned artworks informed by research at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery where un-accessioned items in the museum collection were exhibited alongside works in glass, soot, and slide film, and projection.
prettier-ignore-start Wztkvvqji0uzrohid5l1nw prettier-ignore-end Hannah Leighton-Boyce

Persistent Bodies

Compassionate attention (after Yvonne Rainer)

Re-sounding Unit 6, Row G in 8 movements

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