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Compassionate attention (after Yvonne Rainer)

Single channel video. Compassionate Attention (after Yvonne Rainer) was produced while on residency at Hospitalfield in 2021. "At first impression, the title seemingly refers to an act of self-compassion and attention of the artist to her own (ill) hands, yet placed within the larger context of Leighton-Boyce’s work at Blackburn’s Cotton Exchange the following year, it might also be said to set the tone for the installation at large, a cumulation of a three-year Art in Manufacturing residency at Darwen Terracotta during which the artist has paid close, compassionate attention to the gestures of labour and the life of materials with a particular concern for the discarded, the fractured, the broken, the overlooked and the functionally too close to hand." - Swen Steinhäuser, [Index of Convalescence] 2023
prettier-ignore-start Wztkvvqji0uzrohid5l1nw prettier-ignore-end Hannah Leighton-Boyce

Down, through and back again

And all these things I do not mention

Re-sounding Unit 6, Row G in 8 movements

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