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Courses for Dis-Course(s)

By  Roo Dhissou 2022 - 2024

Artist Roo Dhissou conjures up a space, for dining, eating, cooking and gathering that manifest in a sort of kitchen, dining room, café, restaurant, chill space.  

The project includes a series of exhibitions and dining events for British South Asian artists. Roo wants to explore who gets a seat at the table, the politics of orthodoxies, the art space, the home, the kitchen and the gallery by presenting a new body of sculptural, functional and architectural works that employ a variety of British Asian visual languages, culinary traditions and materiality.  

Courses for Dis-Course(s) is a programme created by Roo Dhissou in partnership with GLOAM (Sheffield) and part of Primary’s Nourishment programme. Together along with the artist, GLOAM and Primary are working on a new form of artist-institution relationships that nurture equity and reciprocity. This project is supported by Arts Council England. 

Participating artists: Sonia Odedra, Kajal Patel, Pasha Kincaid, Mita Solanky, Yasmeen Thantrey, Usha Mahenthiralingam, A J Mills, Jagjit Kaur, Janhavi Sharma, Minder K Athwal, Xi’an and Sufea Noor.

With thanks to: Kavitha Balasingham, Fred Hubble, Miranda Corral, Modern Clay, Joanne Masding, Tom Harris, Sancha, Rebecca Beinart, Jade Foster, Colette Griffin, Billy Hughes, Conor Smith, Hana Fredericks, MJM Bespoke, Gloam Gallery and all the participants from the first iteration.

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