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Exhibition 'Mapping Bones 4 - They Cross Oceans'

This exhibition of paintings and drawings with live drawing performance and workshops took place 13th-20th September 2019 at the Medicine Bakery gallery, Birmingham. I performed again with violinist Gina Griffin (as in Mapping Bones 3). The collaborative experience, as before, was truly immersive and entrancing. Gina also read out my poems 'Mapping bones' and 'Bone remains remain'. For this exhibition I framed the earlier marker-pen performance drawings on Perspex. I also created a new line of series 'They Cross Oceans' - collages in acrylic paint, acrylic ink, acrylic painted cut-outs from prints of my pencil drawings from 'Mapping Bones 1'. These works on board and canvas, with a vivid blue colour, received a great response from gallery visitors. Many thanks to the support of the Arts Council of England Saranjit Birdi 13/11/2019

Exhibition 'Mapping Bones 4 - They Cross Oceans' Saranjit Birdi

'They Cross Oceans 1' Saranjit Birdi

'They Cross Oceans 2' Saranjit Birdi

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Under The Sun

Sketch Portraits - Commuters and cafe conversations

'Limits' - Performance drawing at the Folkestone Triennial Fringe Festival

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