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Commissioned by the Centre for Cultural Value, 2023 Animation with sound, 3 mins 12 secs Friction is a response to the Centre for Cultural Value’s Research Digest, The Role of the Artist in Society. The gathered research speaks of tension, ambiguity, and binaries, pointing out that the artist has many roles within society. Artists work within communities, in education and as activists, while funding structures are mostly based on the short-term and do not put artists needs first, often resulting in inequalities. I wanted to draw out some of the themes of the report, responding particularly to the idea of tension and using visuals that are playful and colourful, reflecting the many faces of being an artist and the realities of how the art world is structured. I used both found and hand-drawn imagery, continuing an exploration of the animated ‘still life’ that has seen me look at the Memento Mori art tradition for the past few years. My work responds to people, stories and memory, and it felt important to delve into the experience of artists to make Friction.
prettier-ignore-start P3cns53xwewn0wds4sapw prettier-ignore-end Rebecca Farkas

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