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Hekate /Hecate

By  L C Persson 2022
Hecate is the goddess of the crossroads, the moon and witchcraft - a feared goddess of the underworld. But she is also a faithful companion to other female goddesses who are subject to banishment. In Roman mythology, she is also called Trivia with a focus on choosing a path in life. The ceramic work with three heads, garlic and snakes reflects precisely the different stages of life each with its differences. The garlic was considered one of Hecate’s favourite gifts and the snakes among her companions. Persson reads Hecate as an important figure in a healthy ecology both through the importance to nourish the earth/soil but also time for reflection, where the shadow's place acts as a place for recovery.
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Those eyes are now buried....

Disappearance of the world, resemblance of the object-1-10

Rose Pink Caught a Dark Salmon

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