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HOLEY CITY ...A public art plan for Alkerden Major Urban Park

Principal Artist, Christopher Tipping has been appointed to work with Art Consultants FrancisKnight to develop a public art plan for Alkerden Major Urban Park, part of Ebbsfleet Garden City. Introducing public art into the early stages of the park design represents a creative ambition by Henley Camland to establish an exemplary collaborative approach, granting time and exploration within the design development process. The outcome will offer a layer of interpretation and discussion that will influence the landscape plan, making it truly evocative of the local area. 'Swanscombe, including the Eastern Quarry is a fascinating, fractured, characterful & strangely compelling place, full of contrasts & resonates with compelling stories, factual and anecdotal, of social, agricultural, industrial, archaeological, and geological heritage extending far back into deep time – yet somehow, and brilliantly for us, much still evident and tactile on the surface, in the real & living place of today. However, this isn’t always easy to read or unpick. Much has been lost. Landscapes turned upside down. Geology reimagined. Industry come-and-gone. Man-made landscapes quietly, but impressively reclaimed by nature.'
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