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HOW ARE YOU? #Sergina’s Participatory Soap Opera about Wrestling with Wellbeing in the Digital Age (2019)

By  Elly Clarke 2019

ONCA Photographers

Performed at ONCA in Brighton with Vladimir Bjelicic on 8th June 2019. This work was since adapted to an online only presentation. With support of CHASE Feminist Network, #Sergina (plural) took over ONCA to present a new performance entitled HOW ARE YOU? to reflect upon the aggressive, increasingly capitalist nature of the question ‘How are you?’ and other questions that inevitably follow., in the context of a world experienced increasingly via screens. Asked of the audience in person and via digital and paper questionnaires, the questions included: What do you feel? What are you feeling right now? What feeling do you evoke? How do you make others feel? Can you be good to people? Can you make people feel good? Can you heal people, can you heal yourself? Can you be reformative? Can you be positive? Can you be hopeful? The performance took place over Three Acts, with the possibility for the audience to commission live dances and selfies with #Sergina during the second and third acts. This is the first time Clarke and Bjelicic performed together in the same physical space, although Zoom was nevertheless used throughout the performance as the key means through which we (the #Sergina agents) were in touch. More info: 2 minute video documentation by Roux Malherbe:

Elly Clarke

Roux Malherbe

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Moscow to Beijing

HOW ARE YOU? #Sergina’s Participatory Soap Opera about Wrestling with Wellbeing in the Digital Age (7 hours), 2020

Zadar-Pula / S Bahn at Wansee, Berlin / Wolfenbuettel, Germany 2008 / 2009 / 2009

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