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By  Mike Chavez-Dawson 2012 - 2015

Lucy Ridges & Mike Chavez-Dawson

290mm x 420mm, 300gsm

The image consists of a re-working of an a-board text painting prop that was worn by Chavez-Dawson when he performed as Chan Ge at an after hours live event programme at Nottingham Contemporary for the British Art Show 7. The performance was a collaboration with artist writer Len Horsey where they gave a scripted guided tour of the BAS7 exhibition translating the curated works as revolutionary manifestos! The print furthers Chavez-Dawson's interest in the legacy of a performance, the borders between the live and the documented and the shift required by the viewer to become complicit in the artistic intention. These were once an Edition of 50... Then two little boys (Avik & Lucio) graffiti a few of them (about seventeen)...
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'Re-Carrying The Frame, Part 1 & 2'

Sight Ingested


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